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What Endo Looks Likes - Suzy Barrett

I was 10 or 11 when I started getting these horrific pains. It wasn't until i was 21 I was actually diagnosed with Endo. In between the years of not knowing what was wrong and I was having pains there were times where I needed to go toilet late at night but I couldn't move, screaming in pains, to many times my dad had to pick me up and carry me to the toilet & wait for me to be done & then carry me back to bed.

Within that 10 year gap I was passed through 4 or 5 doctors who kept telling me 'its you diet" "its normal period pains" but I knew something wasn't "normal" about me. I'd collapse in pain half way through school or on shifts at my job. My parents had no idea, my previous partner had no idea - I felt like may body was failing me.

I was told it didn't get picked up on because none of my pains or symptoms matched with when I was on my period.

My first surgery in 2011 was going to be a routine check through key hole but turned into nearly 2 weeks in hospital after a 5 hour endo removal. I remember when the surgeon showed me my before & after photos - it looked liked someone had taken to my insides with a blo torch!

2016 was my second surgery where they didn't find as much but the pain I was still getting felt like I had never had the first surgery.

Now after living with an actual #disease for 10 + years I've had 2 surgeries, been told I may not be able to carry a baby as I've had a lot of #miscarriages but because I now know so much more information on #endo I have learnt to live my life trying to control it, well as much as I can.

For me the hardest things are calling in sick to work (I'm a manager) because I can't walk due to the pain, or knowing how badly I want to be a mum bit it may not happen or trying to explain to people that I'm not well even if I look completely fine.

I am currently trying naturally to have a baby but I never get my hopes up. My partner now is an amazing support for me who stands by my side with everything.

I believe women with #endometriosis are incredibly strong. Endo no longer defines who I am, I've stopped letting it control me, Instead I try to control it! (Suzy is 3

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