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What Endo looks Like - Nyssa Dempsey

I started getting painful heavy #periods at a young age, I assumed everyone was like this and often wondered if I should hard up, there was many awful high leak through experiences that shook my confidence.

The pain began to get worse mid cycle & I was told by #doctors it was gas, STI's (at 12!), mild rumbling appendix & then they gave up and told me it was due to attention seeking or depressive behaviors. 6 years later I was officially diagnosed when I went to a private #gynecologist

The first surgery confirmed #endometriosis & #PCOS . The following year another surgery & trailed Zoladex injections which is sort of like medically induced menopause. Unfortunately it didn't help & caused me to gain 30kgs in 6 months & had made my PCOS worse.

Overall I have had many surgeries, trailed different methods of slowing the endo but it seems relentless. I feel intense abdominal pain, morning sickness, still with heavy painful periods that can last 12 days or more. It took IVF to fall pregnant with my first child after 4 years of no luck trying to conceive, thankfully we were blessed with a naturally conceived child shortly after.

I think one of the worst things about endo is the fact you have to fight for a diagnosis, you are second guessed by so many & often people don't understand the struggle it can be, it really takes it toll on your mental well being & self confidence.

To this day I second guess my pain even after diagnosis & often ask if it is in my head, even when I know it is not. We need more #awareness and understanding so the next #generation of #girls can get proper diagnosis, treatment & support.

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