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What Endo looks Like - Fran Kurghan

Updated: Mar 22

I have been struggling with #pelvic and #period pain for the last two years. I have been back and forth between varias doctors, gynios, the hospital, family planning, etc ever since. I have had to go to hospital several times for severe period pain but all I was given was some heavy duty painkillers and nothing else. I was put on a wait list to get #laparoscopic surgery for about 6-8 months only to find out I had been taken off the list because my case wasn’t considered “urgent” enough. I finally got my surgery, only to discover they couldn’t find any #endometriosis I was tested negative for PCOS as well. I still struggle with horrific period pain that leaves me curled up in a ball, unable to do anything but deal with the pain. The doctors just told me after surgery to go on the pill and that’s that. I still get my period on that and just try deal with the pain as best as I can. I have been told I’m being dramatic and it's all in my head. So it can be quite depressing and lonely. I would like to know what’s going on so I can be healthier and get on with my life. (Fran is 23 years old)

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